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At Felix Technologies, we consider each website project as a step towards reaching out to the customer. We employ an ideal mix of positioning, targeted content, absorbing design structure and focused marketing to come up with the most comprehensive and engaging online experience.

From corporate website designing services to product sites, service sites, personal sites, portals and e-commerce sites, Your website needs to look good. It also needs to function flawlessly. It needs to provide the right information. We know what it takes. We feel that a website must look professional, yet capture the appropriate appearance and character that best represent an organization. Also, the website design should be laid out in an organized manner with a user-friendly interface that provides intuitive website navigation. Felix Technologies provides you with custom website designing services accompanied by a team that works closely with each client to create a complementary balance of information, images and dynamic multimedia.

We provide professional custom website designing services, internet website designing, custom website designing, custom logos designing, free design, graphics, cheap website design by experienced & skilled web designers and developers.

We provide our services in various countries for website design, web site development, custom logo design, multimedia flash websites, flash animations, e-commerce web sites, shopping cart developing, banner designing, web portals design, web page designing, website development, building web sites with PHP, ASP, MYSQL web site development. We possess latest in website design and developing technology and equipments with the proven skills of accomplished commercial web designers, web developers and web programmers who provide the highest quality website design and website development in the industry with Fast turnaround.

  • Website Designing
  • Website Maintenance
  • E-commerce Solution
  • Multimedia Presentation
  • HTML Catalogs
  • Portals and Vortals Development
  • Search Engine Submission
  • E-learning Modules
  • Intranet Applications
  • Content Writing
  • Print Design
  • IT Infrastructure Consulting

Our team of committed, experienced & qualified professionals is sensitive towards our client's needs by trying "heel and head" to give them not just the best but the combination of uniqueness, through latest technologies, high standards of productivity and efficiency. Our efficiency lies in application of sophisticated and innovative standards of traditional design to multimedia and the web.

Quality Website Designing Services

Quality works can only come when it comes to web designing, technology and proficiency come together. Backed up by years of web designing experience, Felix Technologies boasts of professional and competitive portfolios that would impress clients across all industries.

Web Development Services

New websites are created everyday in the worldwide web. And half of them are business-related. In analogy, at least one company is added to your list of competitor everyday. If you intend to make it big in the online business, your company has to be equipped with the website that customers can visit, remember, and trust. More...

Ecommerce Website Design Services

Felix Technologies is a Delhi-based company in India with expertise in web development, SEO marketing, and graphic design. Allow us to show you our portfolio of e-commerce websites that are created for our impressed and satisfied clients. We would love to have you in our list. Contact us and we’ll show you how we do our job with commitment here in our organization. More...

Multimedia Presentation

Presenting your ideas, products, or your entire business to your clients is not an easy job. It requires you to use all possible resources to get the right idea across. When you only have one chance to present, there is no room for errors. More...

Flash Presentation

Felix Technologies is a Delhi-based company in India that can provide you with Flash Presentation Design at an affordable cost. We have the expertise and talents to do the job that you require. But we don’t charge as much, being an offshore company. More...

Software Design Services

Are you or your business looking to build software for certain reasons? If so, you mostly have two options. You can either hire a team of programmers to join your company to build this software or you can simply delegate the task to another company. More...

Website Promotion Services

Website Promotion is one of the services offered by Felix Technologies. Felix Technologies is a Delhi-based company in India which expertise lies in web design, development, and promotion, among many other things. More...

Website 2.0 Designs

We at Felix Technologies can give you a website that is compatible with the changing times. Felix Technologies is a Delhi Based company in India. And Web 2.0 Design is just one of our many expertises. We can provide your business with its own social networking site if you want. Just consult with us and let us know what you require. More...

Logo Designing

Felix Technologies is a Delhi-based company in India that can transform your old and outdated website into a portal streaming with fresh information daily, all for the benefit of your clients, customers, and visitors. Trust your website maintenance requirements to us and we’ll assure you that your site will never be a day old ever again. More..

Website Updation

Building an impressive website is not the be-all and end-all of internet marketing. Understand that the worldwide web is a revolving matter. It changes everyday as new technologies and fresh information comes about almost every minute. More...

Website Re-Designing

Sometimes, a good website doesn’t perform well over the internet simply because it is designed poorly. The most successful websites are the ones that are well-balanced – this means that it has good content and impressive graphics. More...

Joomla Website Designs

Joomla is one of the more preferred content management systems these days. In contrast to regular blogs, Joomla offers a more professional feel and a wider array of plug-ins and add-ons that could make your website exactly how you want it to be. More...

Drupal Website Designs

Felix Technologies is a Delhi-based company in India. We claim to be experts in Drupal, Joomla, and other CMS. We can help you build a website patterned after your own ideas and requirements. We are open for consultations everyday. More...

Offshore Website Designs

Website Promotion is one of the services offered by WDS. Felix Technologies is a Delhi-based company in India which expertise lies in web design, development, and promotion, among many other things. More...

That’s all the time your website has to convey your message, impart information and influence the visitor to understand, grasp and asses your product or service. In an age where web-presence has essentially become the first point of contact between all businesses and their prospective customer, a professionally created website and a terrific web designing service go a long way in creating a strong impression about your business and thus help in converting a visitor into a customer or a client. Similarly a poorly created website design will do more harm to your online reputation than good.

Especially for e-commerce, the e-commerce website design should give the visitors a compelling reason to respond to your web presence either by providing them with effective information or by citing the benefits they will get by using your services/products over your competitors. The look and feel of your website decrees how your prospects interact with you.

Professionals at Felix Technologies aims in giving people the ease of living in this high techno world. We can provide tailored web services on custom website development and IT consultation to global clients.

We boast in having skilled and innovative intellectuals who can better understand your business process and avail you with perfect portal, which is appealing to visitors, drew more web traffic and ultimately fulfills your business dreams. Ensuring outstanding quality of the product, we deliver the project within the finalized timeframe without jeopardizing your set plan.

In this virtually fragile marketplace, there is no dearth of false promise making companies, be smart by choosing right company for your intended project. Contact us today for free website design and development quote.


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